Taxation Rates

Once assessment has been finalized, Council will set mill rates by way of a Tax Rate Bylaw. The tax rates will be set such that it ensures the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 generates sufficient revenue through taxation to maintain the desired level of services provided to its residents. The Tax Rate Bylaw will also state the requisition amounts, which is calculated based on the Municipality's equalized assessment, for the following: 

  • Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF): The requisition amount is collected on behalf of and provided to the Province of Alberta, which then allocates the funds among school boards throughout the Province. 
  • North Peace Housing Foundation (NPHF): This requisition amount is collected on behalf of and provided to the North Peace Housing Foundation, which then uses the funds to provide services to seniors. 
  • Designated Industrial Property (DIP): This requisition is collected on behalf of and provided to the Province of Alberta. 

2024 property tax rates were set by Council in Bylaw No. 1011

  Residential Farmland


DIP/Linear Non-DIP Machinery/ Equipment  DIP Machinery/ Equipment
Municipal  7.600000 20.000000 23.000000 23.000000 23.000000 23.000000
ASFF 2.615979 2.615979 3.596467 3.596467    
NPHF  0.558869 0.558869 0.558869 0.558869 0.558869 0.558869
DIP       0.076500   0.076500
Total  10.774848 23.174848 27.155336 27.231836 23.558869 23.635369

Viewing the Historical Tax Rates document will allow you to compare how taxation and requisition rates have changed in recent years. 

Taxation Notices

Property taxes are levied each year on July 1, with Tax Notices being mailed to all property owners in late June. 

Tax notices are mailed to the address on the Certificate of Title for a property. As failure to receive a tax notice is not considered sufficient reason for non-payment of property taxes, it is strongly advised that you contact Alberta Land Titles to ensure that any Certificates of Titles registered to you accurately reflect your name and address. You can contact Alberta Land Titles by telephone at 310-0000, email at or mail at Box 2380, Edmonton, AB, T5J 2T3. For more information or to obtain name and address forms, visit the Alberta Land Titles website

If you have recently purchased property in the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 and have not received a Taxation Notice, it may be due to a processing delay at Alberta Land Titles Office. Please contact the Department of Corporate Services and Finance by telephone at 780-835-4903 or by email to request a Taxation Notice for your property. You will be required to provide proof of ownership prior to receiving the Taxation Notice. 

Property taxes are due July 31 of each year and unpaid property taxes are subject to a penalty of 2% per month as established by Bylaw No. 988/ADM/2022 - Tax Penalty Bylaw.

Property Tax Calculator

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