Municipal Cemeteries

All cemeteries owned and operated by the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 are governed by Bylaw No. 992 - Cemetery Bylaw and CEM01 - Burial Plot Policy

The Department of Agriculture and Parks is responsible for the administration and maintenance of three municipal cemeteries:

  • Old Waterhole Cemetery: Located at PT SE-16-81-03-W6, 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) south of the Town of Fairview, east of Highway 2 on Range Road 33.
  • New Waterhole Cemetery: Located at PT SW-15-81-03-W6 / Lot 4, Block 1, Plan 1822337, 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) south of the Town of Fairview, east of Highway 2 on Range Road 33.
  • Whitelaw Cemetery: Located at PT NE-15-82-01-W6 / Lot B, Plan 9320747, in the Hamlet of Whitelaw at the east end of North Railway Avenue.

Interments (Burial Plots or Columbarium Niches)

Any individual seeking to inter human remains in a Municipal Cemetery must complete and submit an Application for Interment (together with a Burial Permit) to the Administration Department for approval. Please ensure that interment space (burial plot or niche) has been purchased and the Application for Interment has been submitted to the Administration Department at least two to three days prior to the scheduled interment.

Fees for burial plots and columbarium niches are established by the Fees and Rates Bylaw. To purchase a burial plot or cemetery niche, please contact the Administration Department by email or by telephone at 780-835-4903. 

Memorial Structures

A completed Application to Install a Memorial Structure must be received and approved by the Administration Department prior to the installation. The Cemetery Bylaw governs the design, dimensions, material, type and number of memorial structures permitted in Municipal Cemeteries.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the Cemetery Bylaw may result in the rejection of an Application to Install a Memorial Structure. Memorial structures installed in a Municipal Cemetery without prior approval are subject to removal by the Municipality. 

Maintenance of Burial Plots and Cemetery Grounds

The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 provides does not provide perpetual care of burial plots. The maintenance provided by the Municipality for occupied and unoccupied burial plots is limited to mowing grass and controlling weeds and unwanted vegetation. 

The Municipality does not provide any further maintenance of occupied or unoccupied burial plots including, but not limited to: excavating, backfilling and grading of burial plots, seeding of grass on burial plots, the installation and maintenance of monuments, or the installation and maintenance of other memorial structures that have not been installed by the Municipality.  

To ensure the safety of the public and preserve the dignity of Municipal Cemeteries, the Municipality provides maintenance to general Cemetery grounds including, but not limited to the following:

  • Mowing grass,
  • Controlling weeds and unwanted vegetation,
  • Pruning of shrubs, trees, and bushes,
  • Rodent control,
  • Maintenance of walkways, benches, fences, gates, and other structures installed by the Municipality,
  • Maintenance of Public Columbaria and Continuous Monument Runners, and
  • Maintenance of roadways and parking areas.