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Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 was incorporated in 1914.

When entering the MD for the first time you will descend into the beautiful Peace River Valley and then cross over the unique and breathtaking Dunvegan Bridge, the longest gravity-anchored suspension bridge in Alberta.


Council has adopted the "Code of the West" as a philosophical guideline for our Municipality. To view a copy of the "Code of the West" please click here.  



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Do you recreate on the Peace River between the Alberta and British Columbia Border and the Town of Peace River? Are you interested in the future of and management of recreation and tourism on the Peace River? If so, we want to hear from you.

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Provide Your Input on the Draft Conservation Agreement for Woodland Caribou



Government of Alberta seeking feedback on Conservation Agreement for Woodland Caribou (Canada- Alberta) draft


The Government of Alberta is seeking feedback on a draft conservation agreement between Alberta and the Government of Canada for woodland caribou. The draft outlines actions that will be taken over the next five years to support conservation and the recovery of the caribou population. The overarching goal of the draft agreement is to work towards achieving and maintaining self-sustaining caribou populations over the long term in line with the federal recovery strategies and A Woodland Caribou Policy for Alberta


To view an overview of the draft agreement for caribou conservation, click here. 


To view the draft agreement, click here. October 6, 2019.


To submit your feedback, click here.


The deadline to submit feedback on the draft conservation agreement is October 6, 2019.






2019 Tax Relief List for Livestock Producers

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Farm Freedom and Safety Act (FFSA) - Consulting and input





Effective immediately, the Whitelaw Gravel Pit will be closed until further notice.
All gravel sales will be out of our new Border Pit,
located at NE-01-82-01-W6, south of Highway 2 on Range Road 10/ Range Road 263.
Supply is limited.
3/4" Crush, Pit Run & Reject are available.
If you have any questions, please call Mike Peterson at 780-835-0884.



June 2019 Newsletter CLICK HERE


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**New Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs)**


The MD of Fairview No. 136 is creating Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) with the Municipal District of Peace No. 135 and Clear Hills County. For more information, CLICK HERE.




Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods


The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit makes communities safer by using civil legislation to target residential and commercial problem properties in rural and urban Alberta where specified illegal activity is occurring regularly.

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  • Statutory Right to Divert Water
  • Allocation of Water
  • What is the Priority Sequence?
  • Making Changes to Water on Your Land

Please click HERE for information on these Water Act Essentials.



Explore Northern Alberta with the History Check App

The Municipal District of Fairview N0. 136 is a sponsor to Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS) for the History Check App. A new way to explore Northern Alberta! 

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 Excavating Near Pipelines/Fence Post Placements

As rural Albertans gear up for another season of farming, Inter Pipeline joins the rest of the nation in observing Agricultural Safety Week and would like to take this opportunity to remind Albertans of the importance of clicking or calling before you dig.

Inter Pipeline is committed to making the safety of its pipeline system top priority. If you are planning to dig or excavate, even if it is just putting in a fence post within 30 metres, or 100 feet, of a pipeline, please take the time to know what’s below before you begin, and call or Click Before You Dig. This free service locates buried utilities and pipelines on your property, so you can work safely.

For more information please click HERE.



M.D. of Fairview Information and Summary of Facts Booklet

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Alberta’s six northwestern municipalities have come together to form the Northwest Species at Risk (NWSAR) Committee. The six municipalities that form the NWSAR are:

Town of High Level
Mackenzie County
County of Northern Lights
Clear Hills County
Town of Rainbow Lake
Town of Manning

After learning of the Government of Alberta’s proposal to permanently protect 1.8 million hectares of land for caribou in northwest Alberta, Councillors from the area’s six municipalities leapt into action and formed the Northwest Species at Risk (NWSAR) Committee to ensure local voices were heard. The committee created a report for the federal and provincial governments to consider when implementing plans to protect the Woodland Caribou- which are a threatened species. The Committee wants to see protection plans be effective but also consider the socio-economic impacts to our communities, so that we can be prosperous and keep jobs here. The committee believes that the caribou can be protected without creating a provincial park and even protect them more effectively without creating a park. Through the Committee’s hard work over the past year, a socio-economic analysis, the collection of scientific data and extensive multi-stakeholder consultations, a report was created with ten specific recommendations for responsible caribou recovery.
A strong, unified voice of municipal leaders and area residents is vital in responsible protection of all species at risk. 

Participate in upcoming information sessions and feel free to complete the Online Comment Submission Form at https://talkaep.alberta.ca/caribou-range-planning
Please follow the links below for more information:
1. Draft plans and the recovery plan:
2. NWSAR Facebook page:
3. NWSAR website, including fact sheets:





Due to substantial weight of brushing equipment, a crossing agreement is required before performing work on the right-of-way. Contact TransCanada to apply for an agreement.



Brushing poses a significant risk to the integrity of the pipeline as it removes soil cover. Before brushing, contact you local One-Call Centre- it's a FREE service! TransCanada will send a representative to mark the location of the pipeline facilities and must be present to oversee the work. 



Ditching poses a significant risk to the integrity of the pipeline as it removes soil cover. Before ditching, contact your local One-Call Centre. Trans Canada will send a representative to mark the location of the pipeline facilities and must be present to oversee the work. 



One-Call Centres

Online locate requests:          www.clickbeforeyoudig.com 

Alberta                   1.800.242.3447

Phone App             Dig Info AB


Email               crossings@transcanada.com

Phone                     1.877.872.5177

General Inquiries

Public Awareness   1.855.458.6715

Land                        1.866.372.1601












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