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Planning & Development



**NEW IN 2018**

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)

What is an IDP?

An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a plan developed jointly by two or more neighbouring municipalities to manage land use and development decision-making for an area of land in close proximity to their shared boundary. The IDP is a statutory plan, required under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). It is meant to facilitate efficient and compatible land development by addressing:
1. Future land use and the process for coordinating the review of future development proposals in the area,
2. Environmental matters as well as social, physical or economic development matters,
3. Co-ordination and financing of intermunicipal programs, services, facilities, and infrastructure,
4. Procedures for conflict resolution and amending or repealing the plan, and
5. Administrative matters related to the plan.

Where is the IDP Area?

The IDP Area, also known as the Joint Planning Area, is adjacent to the boundary between the MD and the Town. It covers an area of approximately 28.16km². It is represented by the white background in the map below. Some of the key features and landmarks located in the IDP Area include the Sanitary Lagoon, Cummings Lake, the Peterson Reservoir and the Fairview Municipal Airport.





For planning and development within the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 a Municipal Development Plan has been established according to Section 632 of the Municipal Government Act.

The Municipal Development Plan is directed towards the following goals:

a) Identifying a long term future land use concept for the municipality.
b) Coordinating land use and infrastructure planning.
c) Establishing a framework for long term transportation improvements.
d) Providing general requirements for municipal services and utilities.

The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw No. 876 is to regulate and control the use, conservation and development of land and buildings within the Municipality in order to achieve orderly, planned and economic development of land, including;

  • The division of the Municipal District into land use districts
  • The establishment and prescription for each land use district, and the uses for which the land, buildings and development may be used and regulated; 
  • To establish a procedural framework for decision making on subdivision referrals, stop orders, land use bylaw amendments and applications for development permits including the issuance of development permits; 
  • To establish the office of one or more Development Officers; 
  • To establish the size and density for each land use district; 
  • To provide a method of notice to those individuals directly affected by the issuance of a development permit.

It is intended that Council will use the policies and objectives outlined in the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw when evaluating proposals for future land use change, subdivision and development.

To obtain a copy of the Municipal Development Plan or Land Use Bylaw please contact the office at 780-835-4903.

Development Permit

A development permit is required for all new developments including but not limited to the following:

  • Any new building or structure; 
  • Any major structural addition or changes to the building; 
  • Changes to the use and intensity of the use of an existing building; 
  • Changes to the use of vacant land for development; 
  • Signage except as exempted under section 6.17 of the Land Use Bylaw No. 876 
  • Storage including storage in tanks; 
  • Communication towers and structures.

Click here for a view of the Development Process

To obtain a Development Permit or request further information please contact the Development Officer at 780-835-4903. The cost of a development permit is $50.00 for the first $50,000.00 of construction value and $20.00 for each additional $50,000.00 or portion thereof.  Maximum permit fee is $2000.00.


Development Applications:








Subdivision inquiries

The MMSA has been assigned the subdivision approving authority for the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136.  Under this authority, the MMSA is responsible for the complete processing of subdivision applications including:

  • the initial application processing
  • issuing decisions
  • endorsement of final plans and documents
  • public consultation

 Person(s) wanting to subdivide on a parcel of land must contact:

Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency
5109-51 St. P.O. Box 450
Berwyn, Alberta T0H 0E0
Phone: 780-338-3862
Fax: 780-338-3811

          Subdivision Application


Other Permits

Building Permits

Please be advised the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 will no longer be receiving service from Alberta Permit Pro or it's successors, as they are no longer in business. For all ratepayers who have outstanding permits with Alberta Permit Pro, the M.D. will be contracting a Safety Codes provider to close all outstanding permits. 

The M.D. of Fairview No. 136 will no longer be accredited allowing ratepayers to have the option of hiring a service provider of their choice. See below for a list of service providers in the area that are authorized to issue permits and provide compliance monitioring. 

 For building, electrical, plumbing, sewage and heating permits please contact:

Agency Name     




Canadian Safety Consulting Services  




Superior Safety Codes Inc.





The Inspections Group Inc.









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