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Phone: 780.835.4903
Fax: 780.835.3131


   Garbage & Recycling


 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, North Peace Regional Landfill has postponed extended hours until further notice.

Current Hours of operation:
Tuesday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

For more information please call North Peace Regional Landfill at 780-835-2576 or go to their website:

MD residents, including the Hamlets of Bluesky and Whitelaw can take household garbage to the landfill at no charge.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage pickup is scheduled every Tuesday morning in the Hamlets of Whitelaw & Bluesky.


Blue Recycle Bins located:    

         Hamlet of Whitelaw     South Avenue
         Hamlet of Bluesky       1st Avenue (truck loading station)
         MD Office                    10957-91 Avenue (Town of Fairview)


Cardboard, Paper, Tin and Plastics 

Recycle Bins are NOT to be used for the disposal of any oil jugs and syringes. Only plastic containers that have the numbers 1, 2, 4 or 5 are considered recyclable (This does not include the lids). 


Recycling Used Batteries 

North Peace Regional landfill would like to encourage everyone to recycle old batteries:

Batteries, we all find them very useful in powering many electronic devices that we have in our homes or that we carry with us and use from day to day.
Whether it be the small “button” batteries that power our wristwatches or a hearing aid or the alkaline and nickel (1.5 – 9 v) batteries that we use in flashlights, toys to cameras or the lithium ion (Li) batteries that power our cell pho
nes and so many gardening/yard tools, all batteries have a life span and reach a point where they will no longer run our device or if they are the rechargeable type, even hold a charge. At this point, many of us just chuck the old, used battery into the garbage and buy a replacement.
But did you realize that these used batteries are recyclable and can be re-manufactured into many useful products? Alkaline batteries are recycled into steel, sunscreen and concrete aggregate. Nickel batteries (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Ni-Zn) are recycled into silverware, pots & pans and new batteries. Lithium ion (Li-Ion) and lithium primary are recycled into steel, stainless steel, silverware and new batteries.
Also these “dead” batteries are never completely drained of their energy and lithium batteries in particular, when broken or damaged in the garbage, can cause a fire that if not discovered in time can be become very difficult and expensive to extinguish.
As a consumer of these products please do not just throw them in the garbage but place a piece of tape across the exposed terminals and then place the batteries in a plastic container. When your container is near full, bring it into B&E Hardware in Hines Creek, or in Fairview place it on the rack inside the door at Freson Bros., or bring it into the North Peace Regional Landfill and we will package the batteries up to be shipped off for recycling with Call2Recycle.

Thank you,

Dennis Lang
Manager – North Peace Regional Landfill





PHONE: 780-835-2576
FAX: 780-835-2579
(3 Miles North S.H. Highway 732) 


For landfill hours of operation, please check the NPRL website:


The Landfill now has recycling bins for clean cardboard, paper, tin and plastics. A new environmentally friendly machine has been procured for Flourescent light tubes and CFL's (compact fluorescent lights).



The North Peace Regional Landfill is located on secondary highway 732 approximately 6 km north of Fairview. The facility utilizes random load screening to ensure waste is acceptable under the Alberta Environmental Waste Control Regulation and other governing regulations for a Class 11 landfill site. Vehicles entering the site are subject to load screening as well.

The landfill has seperate and designated areas for tires, waste metals, clean burnable wood products, household waste and empty herbicide containers. HAZARDOUS WASTES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. When using the site, proceed as directed by the landfill attendant.

Wastes not accepted include liquid waste, hazardous waste, explosive material including gasses under pressure, flammables, corrosives or poisonous materials, alcohol, gasoline, paints or solvents, asbestos waste, animal manure, waste containing sulphur, biological or pathological waste, radioactive waste, sump waste and waste that by itself in combination with other wastes may create danger to property or persons.


Scale Procedure

  • Take note of the traffic lights
  • Stop at the intercom/window on the scale
  • Proceed as directed by scale attendant
  • After unloading, stop on the scale to weigh out

For a longer lasting landfill:
- Use the recycling compounds
- Metal pile—up to 25% nonmetal by weight
- Wire, strapping and cable—separate from metal

Site users are required to follow all the policies and procedures of North Peace Regional Landfill. These policies are put in place to ensure the landfill is operated in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

All vehicles must be off site by closing time!

The North Peace Regional Landfill facility uses random load screening to ensure waste is acceptable under the Albert Environment Waste Control Regulation and other governing regulations for a Class II landfill site. Any vehicles entering the site may be subject to load screening.



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