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The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 was incorporated in 1914.

When entering the MD for the first time you will descend into the beautiful Peace River Valley and then cross over the unique and breathtaking Dunvegan Bridge, the longest gravity-anchored suspension bridge in Alberta.


Council has adopted the "Code of the West" as a philosophical guideline for our Municipality. To view a copy of the "Code of the West" please click here.  


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 The Public Auction scheduled for 9:00 a.m. September 22 has been cancelled.




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Being prepared for an emergency is about more than having a 72 hour Emergency Kit. Having supplies gathered is one step we can all take to being more prepared. As a bonus, having supplies ready not only helps to manage serious threats but can also take the inconvenience out of unexpected situations.

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Impacts of Provincial Oil and Gas Assessment Proposed Changes to MD of Fairview and Fairview Area Residents, Businesses, and Community Organizations


August 10, 2020

The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 is joining other municipalities and counties across Alberta objecting to the proposed changes to the Assessment model used for designated industrial properties such as oil and gas wells and pipelines. The Province is proposing four scenarios for consideration, which could result in a shift of $989,000 to $1.22 million in municipal taxes from oil and gas properties to residential ratepayers in our municipality.

The Provincial Government's stated intention is to increase the competitiveness of oil and gas companies in this difficult economic time; however, the proposed changes will disproportionately benefit large oil and gas companies, while medium and small companies will receive significantly less benefit, and in many cases, will face assessment increases. In addition, there are no regulations to ensure that the savings afforded by these large, often multi-national companies, will be reinvested in Alberta.​

​Municipal Council and administration are extremely concerned about the potentially devastating impact this decision could have on the long-term viability of our Municipality, and of the entire region. The municipality is already facing challenges due to the new police funding model, reductions by the Province in grant funding, two major overland floods, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic slowdown related to low oil and gas prices, and unpaid taxes by oil and gas companies.

Estimates indicate that depending on the model the Provincial government chooses, the MD of Fairview would see a loss of revenue in the first year between 13% and 16% according to information provided by the Rural Municipalities of Alberta and financial data from the Municipal Financial Information System database. Estimates also indicate that to compensate for the loss of revenue, the MD will be forced to make one or a combination of the following adjustments in operations:

  • increase the residential/farmland mill rate between 64.7% and 79.9%. (For example, the potential impact on a residential property owner currently paying $3,000 in taxes per year may pay an additional $1,950 to $2,400 per year),
  • increase the non-residential (businesses in the MD) mill rate between 38.7% and 52.6%, and/or
  • decrease our workforce between 43.6% and 53.8% with a corresponding loss in services.

The Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 is a proud supporter and partner of the oil and gas industry. We manage 887 kilometres of roads and bridges, many of which exist to provide industry stakeholders with access to their property. We appreciate the importance of the energy sector in our province, but we are very concerned when the costs are shifted onto the farmers, residents, and business owners in this region. The MD currently cost-shares with the Town of Fairview and other neighboring municipalities and counties for various services such as fire protection, recreation, library, and family and community services, etc. Many local and community organizations (urban and rural) also benefit from operational funding from the MD. Under the Province's proposed change, this type of support may have to be cut or eliminated.


We will be contacting our MLA Todd Loewen, the Premier, and the Minister of Municipal Affairs to strongly and urgently advocate on behalf of all of you, our ratepayers. This will impact you, either financially through increased property taxes now and in the future, or in loss of services from your municipality.  Therefore, we encourage you to share your concerns on this issue with your MLA, Todd Loewen, by phone (780) 835-7211 or by email CentralPeace.Notley@assembly.ab.ca.


Updated September 3, 2020 at 1:50 p.m.  

  • Road Closure - Intersection only - Township Road 814 and Range Road 35 until 4:30 p.m. August 18 & 19, 2020 - RE-OPENED


Alberta’s AFSC to refund hail premiums on drowned crops

Agency taking applications until Sept. 11

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UFA Rural Communities Foundation - $100,000 Community Grant Program 

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May 13, 2020


Reeve Peggy Johnson and Mayor Gord MacLeod made the following joint Public Announcement:


The Town of Fairview and MD of Fairview #136 are fortunate to have a positive co-operative relationship. The two Municipalities are endeavoring to further improve that relationship in order to provide services in a more efficient & effective manner. The two municipalities are currently seeking a consultant to facilitate the development of a Regional Governance Study in collaboration with our stakeholders and residents, funded by the Provincial Government. Further information on this process will be released as it becomes available. 


We look forward to working with the consultant once the study begins and encourage all residents, community groups and other stakeholders to participate in the public engagement opportunities when they are announced.


M.D of Fairview Council






  • Statutory Right to Divert Water
  • Allocation of Water
  • What is the Priority Sequence?
  • Making Changes to Water on Your Land 

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Explore Northern Alberta with the History Check App

The Municipal District of Fairview N0. 136 is a sponsor to Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS) for the History Check App. A new way to explore Northern Alberta! 

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 Excavating Near Pipelines/Fence Post Placements

As rural Albertans gear up for another season of farming, Inter Pipeline joins the rest of the nation in observing Agricultural Safety Week and would like to take this opportunity to remind Albertans of the importance of clicking or calling before you dig.

Inter Pipeline is committed to making the safety of its pipeline system top priority. If you are planning to dig or excavate, even if it is just putting in a fence post within 30 metres, or 100 feet, of a pipeline, please take the time to know what’s below before you begin, and call or Click Before You Dig. This free service locates buried utilities and pipelines on your property, so you can work safely.

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M.D. of Fairview Information and Summary of Facts Booklet

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