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Applying for a Subdivision

Subdivision is the process of dividing a single parcel of land into two or more parcels, each with a separate Certificate of Title. A registered land or property owner (or their authorized agent) wishing to create two or more lots from a single parcel of land must obtain a subdivision approval prior to subdividing the land. The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency (MMSA) is the Subdivision Authority for the MD of Fairview No. 136. Applicants for subdivision can download the application package, which include the Subdivision Application Guidelines and application form, which are available on the MMSA website.  

Subdivision planning within the MD of Fairview No. 136 is guided by the MGA, the Subdivision Authority Bylaw (which designates MMSA as the subdivision authority for the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136), the Subdivision and Development Regulation, the Land Use Bylaw, any applicable statutory plans, policies, other bylaws, standards and regulations. 

Appealing a Subdivision Authority’s Decision

Decisions of the Subdivision Authority may be appealed to either the Mackenzie Intermunicipal Subdivision Appeal Board or the Municipal Government Board (MGB). The Mackenzie Intermunicipal Subdivision Appeal Board deals with Subdivision Authority decisions that are outside the jurisdiction of the MGB, as per section 687(2) of the MGA. The MGB only hears subdivision appeals where the land that is the subject of the appeal is: 

·                within Alberta’s Green Area; 

·                'adjacent' to or contains a Body of Water; ('Adjacent' means contiguous or would be contiguous if not for a railway, road, utility right of way or reserve land).

·                adjacent to or contains (either partially or wholly) land identified on the Listing of Historic Resources or public land set aside for use as historic resources.

·                within the following distances:

Ø 1600 metres of a Provincial Highway;

Ø 450 metres of a Hazardous Waste Management Facility;

Ø 450 metres of the working area of an operating Landfill;

Ø 300 metres of the disposal area of any Landfill;

Ø 300 metres of a Waste water Treatment Plant; or

Ø 300 metres of the working area of a Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Site.

The Mackenzie Intermunicipal Subdivision Appeal Board and the Municipal Government Board are impartial, quasi-judicial bodies that make independent decisions on appeal cases before them, strictly based on the evidence presented to them at a hearing, and in accordance with the MGA and other applicable provincial and federal legislation. The process for appealing a Subdivision Authority’s decision, including the timelines for filing an appeal, are outlined in the Subdivision Application Guidelines. Anyone wishing to appeal a Subdivision Authority decision must complete the appeal form, which is included in the Subdivision Authority’s decision letter and indicates which body can hear the appeal.



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