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Policies, Standards and Other Documents  

In addition to the provincial legislation, statutory plans and the Land Use Bylaw, the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136 has policies, studies and other documents that may be used when considering applications for development permit and subdivision. They include:

Public Participation Policy

Adopted by Council in 2018, the Public Participation Policy outlines the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136’s approach to public participation. It defines the role of the MD in informing and engaging stakeholders in the municipal decision-making process.

Approach Policy

The approach policy provides guidelines for the placement of new approaches, relocation of existing approaches and widening of existing approaches within the MD of Fairview No. 136. The policy outlines the role of the MD, private land owners and developers in the construction, relocation and expansion of approaches within the municipality.    

Gravel Pit Study

The Gravel Pit Study was completed in 2017 by the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency for the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136. The purpose of the study was to examine the visual, environmental, social and other impacts of private sand and gravel pit operations within the MD, and to develop guidelines and regulations for ensuring sustainable gravel pit development and operations. The study contains a number of guidelines, standards, regulations and application checklist for new gravel pit operations, in addition to those contained in the Land Use Bylaw. These requirements are aimed at reducing the noise, dust, erosion, pollution and other negative impacts associated with gravel pit development and operations. The Gravel Pit Study also identifies “Restriction Zones” where gravel pit operations are prohibited due to the presence of important water sources or environmentally sensitive areas. The study further requires applicants for new gravel pit developments to apply for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment to redesignate their land to Sand and Gravel Pit District, which includes a public hearing, prior to applying for a development permit. This is to ensure that residents and adjacent land owners are consulted, and that their concerns are factored into the decision-making process. Companies planning to develop new gravel pits, or expand or significantly modify their existing gravel pit operations, are encouraged to review the regulations in the study prior to commencing their application for a development permit. 



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